Each year Kuumunity has a benefit concert. What makes this concert special is that the majority of the pieces performed are originals by "regular" people who had a musical idea that Kuumunity helped bring to life. The concert is the platform to share the completed work publicly for the first time and is professionally recorded.

Do you have a song idea? Let us help you develop and share your artistic voice!


Group Classes: Learn the basics of creating a song...

  • Beginner - $250 for 10 hour course
  • Intermediate - $300 for 10 hour course
  • Advanced - $400 for 10 hour course

Individual Classes: Get one-on-one development on your idea...

  • 10 hrs of workshop - $200 ($20/hr)
  • $12/hr for 11+ hrs

LEGAL NOTICE: Composer owns the rights to the song, etc.

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