Sheldon K. X. Reid   Founder/Director

Sheldon K. X. Reid

For more than 15 years, I’ve been blessed to work in education and music via the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College, the Jubilee Singers of Newton North High School and countless other musical groups. Over this time, one thing has become vividly clear to me: music is a panacea of sorts that has the ability to encourage, and uplift souls while bringing people together.

The beauty and the healing nature of music pulled me through the times when I thought I was lost, overwhelmed, or hurt beyond healing. Judging from the words of friends, students, and parents I have encountered, I am not alone in this experience. From my college years at Harvard singing with and eventually directing the Kuumba Singers to creating the Jubilee Singers at Newton North, I have seen time and time again that having a creative outlet and a community of people working together towards a common goal somehow dissipates hatred, and frustrations while fostering unity, growth and diversity. Most importantly, such a space allows for people to find their voice.

I kept asking myself, Why should this experience be limited to Newton or Harvard, and why does it have to stop when you graduate? What if there was an opportunity to do more? What if creative, talented musicians could continue creating and growing while being committed to their “real” jobs?

Here is where the seed for Kuumunity Collaborations was planted. I started Kuumunity Collaborations with a mission to provide resources and an outlet to musicians. This is done by providing a supportive space through workshops, mentorship, and concerts for original works to be created, produced, performed, recorded and published. We’re also establishing a fund through the annual benefit concerts and additional fundraising methods to provide music fellowships, scholarships, internships, and lesson subsidies for all ages.

We believe in the importance of community and the idea that music can bring people together in a powerful way. Unity does not mean uniformity. In spite of our differences, we can come together, bringing our muscle, our minds, our money, and our music to move the mountains we could not shift alone. This is the true meaning of Kuumunity. Thank you for supporting our mission, and for being a part of our Kuumunity.